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Paris Catacombs

By the light of torches, candles or miners lights, haunting scenes centuries old appear to unfold. Scenes of skulls, bones and death are everywhere. The passages can be as low as three feet overhead or even less. The air heavy with dust, and the ground underfoot flooded with grimy water splashing way over your shoes. In tunnels up to 100 feet below the surface bustle of one of the world’s great cities, another clandestine world exists.

Consulting maps, self-trained guides lead the way, while others look for opportunities to take photographs. Exploring the Paris Catacombs, also known as the Mines of Paris, carries risk. For one, it is strictly illegal, with special police and their dogs patrolling the vast subterranean network. There is also a very real danger of getting lost, as well as the chance of cave-ins in some places.

(Source: environmentalgraffiti.com)

Fairies, Nymphs, & Demons

The specimens of Alex CF feature an incredible collection of cryptozoology. His page features amazing stories behind his collection of beautifully horrifying creatures that include descriptions of demons, fairies, nymphs, and other assorted oddities he collects and sells.

The Coolest Gemstone & Crystal Skulls You Will Ever See

  • Carved Ammonite Fossil Crystal Skull
  • Ammonite Fossil Crystal Skull
  • Agate Crystal Geode Skull
  • Black Obsidian Skull with Moveable Jaw; Teeth Made from Australian Opal
  • Quartz Rock Crystal Skull and Snakes
  • Morris Jasper Crystal Skull
  • Labradorite Crystal Skull

(Source: skullis.com)

Skull Armchair

Tired of the pretty and adorable? Put some memento mori in your home. Remind yourself daily of your inevitable demise. Here’s Harow's polygonal skull armchair, which does a pretty good job of hiding the skull from the front, making it just the thing for super villains with a need for furnishings that work while on the job or taking a break. Price given on demand, which means if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it - but one can dream or nightmare.

(Source: Boing Boing)


Hedi Xandt is a German-born artist that mixes styles and materials with talent. The artist invites the viewer to discover his dark and intense universe with his new macabre artwork. The above pieces are a series that the artist refers to as “skull-ptures”. They combine the aesthetics of naturally shaped bone with state-of-the-art and experimental production techniques. The pieces remind me of the old craniometers that were used to measure the external dimensions of skulls.

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Brno Ossuary

The Brno Ossuary is the second largest ossuary in Europe. The town of Brno, located in the Czech Republic, was settled in the year of 1243. The discovery of the bodies occured quite recently and definitely by accident.

Before completing renovations in the small town, it is standard practice to complete a preliminary archeological dig. When the digging began in 2001, it turned up some 50,000 skeletons that were stuffed under the square into a medieval charnel. Once piled in neat rows, at some point water and mud had flooded the gigantic underground ossuary and jumbled thousands upon thousands of bones.

The bones are thought to be from the 1600 through the 1700s and are believed to have been moved from an old cemetery to make space for more burials. This is the case for most of the ossuaries and catacombs in Europe. It is the sheer amount of skulls, bones and skeletons that makes it the second largest ossuary in Europe, with the first being the Catacombs in Paris.

Because of the different colors on the bones, It is clear that many of the people died of various diseases. Though all the bones are tinted yellow, having never been exposed to sunlight, the extra yellow ones likely died of cholera, while the red tinted bones probably died from the plague.