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The Haunted Film - Ghosts of Movie Stars Make a Comeback

Filmmaker Alex Monty Canawati made a short film called Birth of Babylon, which won “Best Short” at the American Film and Music Festival in 2000. The short was then developed into a feature-length film, Return to Babylon. The film shot between 2001 and 2004, but was shelved due to “problems” with strange images in the film.

The film’s release had a long delay due to the discovery of “odd figures, morphing of characters and ghost-like images” in some scenes. These were especially clear in still framing. The images were found to be on the original negatives and not in any special effects.

The film is said to have been infiltrated by phantom figures — ghosts of the dead stars that are the subject of the film, which is about assorted scandals in Hollywood at the beginning of the 20th Century. The images occurred without splicing in old footage or engaging in CGI re-constructions.

It was filmed on location in the estates of deceased stars. Lead cast member Jennifer Tilly and other members of the cast and crew began to feel that they were not alone on the sets. Jennifer Tilly was quite vocal during filming about the presence of “ghosts”. She kept reiterating that they were touching her. The still photographer would also capture strange images on her film.

Another star of the movie, Maria Chonchita Alonso, spoke of the experience on Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story. She stated that it was all very real and a truly frightening experience.

The film was studied by many industry professionals and it was concluded that there was paranormal activity occurring in the film. When certain shots are seen frame-by-frame, one can see “morphing” taking place with the actors that has no apparent cause or explanation.

(Source: imdb.com)

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