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Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks

These places are truly haunting and provide an incredible venue for urban exploration, atmospheric photography and, perhaps, even for a location or two for low-budget movies. These are just two of almost one hundred abandoned amusement parks across the world.

Spreepark PlanterWald is located in Berlin, Germany. When it opened in 1969 as Kulturpark Planterwald, it was the only entertainment park in Germany. Over time, the socialist and then private owners were left with too much unpaid debt. In 2001, the park was declared insolvent and closed its doors. One of the park owners, Norbert Witte, arranged to move some attractions across the ocean to Peru, where he moved with his family, and tried to open another Lunapark. When his venture failed there as well, he was caught smuggling cocaine, valued at $20 million, back to Germany inside the mast of one of the ships.

Koga Family Land Park can be found in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan. It seems to be completely swallowed by a lush forest, its past gloriously illustrated in children’s drawings, which now hang fading from the peeling walls - an echo of “family fun”. It was closed in 1988 and has become a haven for urban explorers.

(Source: darkroastedblend.com)

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